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For Reservations, Email


Whether you’re planning a corporate, family, or friends Cafe Rack is the destination!.  By reserving various parts of our facility or the entire facility, we can accommodate up to 75 guests.  Small groups of 6 or less are welcome to walk in.  Groups of  7 to 12 must make a same day reservation.  Groups of over 12 must make reservations 2 days in advance. 

Pool & Ping Pong are games that almost anyone can play to some degree and enjoy. They promote interaction and socialization among guests and it’s just plain fun!  Parties can reserve the number of tables they expect to use in an assigned part of the facility. If a table is not used, you will not be charged for it but it will be released to other reservations.  By contrast, if more tables are needed without a reservation, it will be based on availability.


You’re free to bring in balloons, streamers, etc. Only tape on the walls and confetti are not allowed. If you’d like us to order balloons, flowers, etc, we’ll do so for a modest service fee.

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